International Festival of Creativity in Church Management

First Annual

International Festival of Creativity in Church Management

March 23 – 25, 2017

Join us as we work to build the Church of the future


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The Concept

Too often church management researchers, working independently, are conducting their research in silos. A process needs to be established whereby these researchers can meet face to face, present their research findings, and receive honest feedback from other researchers, entrepreneurs, and church management professionals

At the same time, our goal is to spread the creative knowledge of church management generated by this research, making them available to all those working within the Church, whether priests or lay people.

The core of the event will consist in the creation of a community of exchange and discussion among researchers, entrepreneurs, and church management professionals that is inclusive and goes beyond the usual, already existent, circles and networks, with the purpose of mutual inspiration and collaborative co-creation of a new vision of Church and of practices to build up future paths.

The Goals


-       The purpose of this conference will be to spread current research and knowledge about creative solutions to church management issues, as well as bring researchers entrepreneurs, and professional church managers together to inspire new research on the subject and discuss the means to put this research into practice.

-       To bring together and let all the beneficiaries of the Church Management Project, both direct and indirect, meet, by involving them through their participation in a mutual exchange of ideas

-       To spread and socialize the issue of church management, to validate it within the pastoral setting and beyond. In this sense the aim is to make it more visible and acknowledged for the traditional academic world and church institutions

-       To share and communicate strong, inspiring and creative ideas, to support the reform of the Church accordingly to Pope Francis’ teachings.

Medium Term

-       To lay the foundations for an International Research Institute on Church Management

-       To establish a scientific journal to collect researches and studies on Church Management resulting from the conferences and from the work of the International Research Institute.

The Project

Building on the collaborative arrangement they have forged in providing church management education, Villanova University and the Pontifical Lateran University propose to co-sponsor a series of annual international church management research conferences, with each hosting the conference in alternate years.

The first of these will be hosted by Pontifical Lateran University in Rome on March 23-26, 2017.

Papers on all church management topics will be considered for inclusion in the conference, but priority will be given to those papers studying best management practices at the parish and diocesan levels.



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