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The Center for Business Analytics is currently engaged in two research projects:

  • Analytics Maturity and Analytics Investment Decisions

  • Use of Cloud Analytics on Multiple Devices - 2013:
    More and more, companies are exploring how they can expand the use of analytic applications by giving mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to their employees. The explosion in the use of these new, mobile devices has led to many new analytics applications by software vendors and companies themselves.  Some companies will simply export an analytics application from an existing laptop platform to a smartphone.  However, there are a variety of differences between smartphones, tablets and laptops such as screen size, navigation paths, and touch screens that make the user experience of using them quite different.  From the existing research it is not clear how well users perform analytics tasks on these different devices.  This research compares how user performance on the same analytic task on three different devices; laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  It is hoped that this research will provide better guidance on how companies can incorporate these various devices and improve user performance overall and improve their analytics strategy in particular.


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