The CBA works with VSB’s Clay Center to provide 8 to 12-week internships for students seeking to master and gain exposure to the field of analytics.  Members of the CBA Advisory Council have taken the initiative to connect students with opportunities in prestigious companies, such as SAP, AlignAlytics and Macy’s.

Recent internships at Center for Business Advisory Council companies include:

Janssen Healthcare Innovation

Description of role:
The Business Analytics intern was responsible for reviewing the competitive landscape and analyzing user data for Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager, a medication adherence application developed by Janssen.  Key responsibilities included identifying key business questions and core descriptive metrics, organizing data from multiple sources, evaluating business intelligence tools, designing and conducting analyses, and presenting information to team members.

Key Deliverables:

  • An analytics resource guide – compendium of available tools and resources
  • A measurement plan with key business questions and core tracking metrics
  • A competitive analysis of application tracking tools
  • Tracking reports

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Meredith K. Lockyer
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Center for Business Analytics
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Sharon Ballard
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