Business Practitioner Lecture Series

The CBA hosts guest speakers to present specific examples of how they have successfully applied analytics to solve business challenges.

"From Living Room to Funding: An Analytics Startup"- March 26, 2014
Ryan Caplan - president and CEO, ColdLightSolutions



"Data-Driven Decision Making: How Congregational Leaders Can Leverage Data to Create Sustainability" - October 10, 2012
Sacha Litma - managing director and founder, Measuing Success

Presentation Summary:
Sacha Litman from Measuring Success led the audience through an exploration of how we can use data to inform our decision making that will help lead to sustainability – rather than relying on anecdotal and historical decision making patterns. This includes leveraging data we already have that we will want to collect.  During the presentation, he also examined ways of aligning vision and values with data and explored some of the challenges to this endeavor.

Speaker Bio:
Sacha Litman is the founder and principal consultant of Measuring Success, a strategy consulting firm dedicated to developing quantitative tools and models to enhance organizational effectiveness. Sacha holds an MBA with highest distinction from Kellogg (Northwestern), an MPA from Harvard’s Kennedy School and a BS in applied mathematics, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from Yale University. He is a recipient of a Wexner Graduate fellowship and aDorot fellowship, and attended the Pardes Institute. Sacha has worked for McKinsey and Company and Credit Suisse, and was director of strategy and consulting for an international non-profit organization.

Measuring Success creates quantitative performance tools and models to help business managers and councils enhance their organizational effectiveness. Measuring Success’ focus is in leveraging data tools, quantitative analytics and consulting to help organizations move from anecdotal to data-driven decision making.


"Linking Performance Insights & Metrics to Advocacy Behavior: The Customer Advocate and the Customer Saboteur" - Februrary 24, 2012
Michael Lowenstein - executive vice president, Market Probe

Presentation Summary:
Truly customer-centric organizations have data systems and generate customer insights which help drive positive downstream customer behavior (narrowed consideration sets, higher wallet share, strong retention likelihood) and help attract new customers. A key challenge in becoming customer-centric is that traditional customer measurement frameworks and metrics do not reflect the current customer decision-making environment. In this presentation Michael Lowenstein made the case for customer advocacy as a key performance metric (KPI), segmentation device, and customer management paradigm.

Speaker Bio:
Michael Lowenstein, PhD, CMC, is an executive vice president at Market Probe, a leading worldwide consulting and marketing research organization ( Author of five customer-centric strategy books and over 150 white papers and articles, his most recent book, The Customer Advocate and The Customer Saboteur, was published in 2011. He has presented and conducted workshops at industry and professional conferences across the United States and in over 30 foreign countries. Additionally, Dr. Lowenstein has lectured in the MBA and EMBA programs of University of Pennsylvania, Penn State, New York University and Columbia University. He is broadly experienced in consulting and conducting research in many B2B and B2C product and service industries. His particular areas of interest are impact of word-of-mouth communication and brand favorability on downstream customer behavior, employee commitment and ambassadorship, and how organizations build trust and authenticity through customer centricity, and use customer data, in reaching their strategic business goals.


"The Promise of Social Media" - January 27, 2012
Chris Bound - founder and chief statistician, Social Media Research Bureau; statistician, Medidata Solutions

Presentation Summary:
Social media has enabled consumer word-of-mouth to evolve from relatively isolated groups to mass audiences that are now larger than many traditional media audiences. The resulting mass volume of social message data is being captured by corporations in an effort to identify what consumers are saying about their brands. This presentation explored the world of big data and the strategies used by corporations to capture, analyze and interpret the consumer messages collected across social channels. The audience was offered a rare inside look at the recent technological advancements in social media analytics and industry-related career opportunities available to Villanova graduates.

Speaker Bio:
Chris Bound is the co-founder and chief statistician at Social Media Research Bureau, which is a cloud based media analytics start up focused on the development of cross channel analytics software to measure and monetize social messages return on engagement (roe). He is also a statistician at Metidata Solutions, a global leader in providing clinical technology solutions that enhance the efficiency of and lower the cost of clinical development. His previous experience includes developing statistical models and cross channel analytics reporting for Nutrisystem. At Nutrisystem Chris developed a fully integrated marketing analytics solution that linked website, call center, and customer data to measure and monetize the media spend impact on business outcomes. Chris is a Villanova Alumnus, receiving his BS in Math and MS in Applied Statistics from the College of Arts and Sciences.


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