Business Practitioner Lecture Series

The CBA hosts guest speakers to present specific examples of how they have successfully applied analytics to solve business challenges.

"From Living Room to Funding: An Analytics Startup"- March 26, 2014

Ryan Caplan
President and CEO, ColdLightSolutions

"Data-Driven Decision Making: How Congregational Leaders Can Leverage Data to Create Sustainability" - October 10, 2012

Sacha Litma
Managing director and founder, Measuring Success
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"Linking Performance Insights & Metrics to Advocacy Behavior: The Customer Advocate and the Customer Saboteur" - Februrary 24, 2012

Michael Lowenstein
Executive vice president, Market Probe
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"The Promise of Social Media" - January 27, 2012

Chris Bound
Founder and chief statistician, Social Media Research Bureau
Statistician, Medidata Solutions

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