Faculty Associates

CBA faculty associates are engaged in teaching, research and practice of analytics. Faculty associates are drawn from the Villanova School of Business, Villanova College of Engineering, and Villanova College of Liberal Arts and Science, and advance the Center for Business Analytics in a variety of ways:

  • Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Actively participating in CBA events
  • Presenting research findings at CBA Business Roundtable Research Briefings
  • Encouraging graduate and undergraduate students to attend CBA events
  • Developing analytics-oriented courses and curricula
  • Conducting analytics research sponsored and supported by the CBA
  • Acting as mentors for Business Analytics consulting projects

Suzanne Clain, PhD
Associate Professor, Economics and Statistics

Vijay Gehlot, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Computing Sciences

Matthew Liberatore, PhD
Director, Center for Business Analytics
John F. Connelly Endowed Chair in Management

Wenhong Luo, PhD
Associate Professor, Accounting and Information Systems

Stephen Mahar, PhD
Associate Professor, Management and Operations

Sue McFarland Metzger
Instructor, Management Information Systems

Thomas Monahan, PhD
John M. Cooney Endowed Professor
Professor, Accounting and Information Systems

Bret Myers, PhD
Assistant Professor, Management and Operations

Robert Nydick, PhD
Professor, Management and Operations

Melissa O’Connor,PhD
Assistant Professor, Nursing

Bruce Pollack-Johnson, PhD
Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Michael A. Posner, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences

William Wagner, PhD
Associate Professor, Accounting and Information Systems

Peter Zaleski, PhD
Professor, Economics and Statistics

Charles Zech, PhD
Director, Center for the Study of Church Management
Professor, Economics and Statistics