Applied Finance Lab

Finance lab

VSB’s Applied Finance Lab is a state-of-the art financial research and teaching center that creates a dynamic bridge between business theory and business practice. The lab integrates technology into the learning experience—including a simulated trading room.


The Lab is designed to offer students the same equipment and real-time resources available to Wall Street traders: 

  • 20 Bloomberg terminals with on-site Bloomberg Certification 
  • TraderEX – Baruch College Trading Simulation 
  • Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) 
    • CRSP-Compustat Merged 
    • Compustat Global 
    • IHS Global Insight
    • Risk Metrics
    • Compustat Complete Back Data 
    • NYSE TAQ 
  • SDC Platinum Mergers and IPOs 
  • SNL Financial 
  • Morning Star Direct
  • Argus
  • FactSet
  • Classroom for presentation of teaching modules 
  • Student center for interaction and group projects 

Finance Student Societies & Programs

Student Managed Funds
Approximately 150 students participate in VSB’s socially responsible student-managed funds program. These undergraduate and graduate students obtain hands-on experience through managing half-a-million dollars in real-world investments. 

Villanova Equity Society
The Villanova Equity Society is Villanova's only student-run organization that actively manages a portfolio of equity securities. The society's mission is to provide opportunities for students interested in obtaining real-world investment experience. Analysts perform in-depth analysis of equity securities while utilizing the Applied Finance Lab.

Fixed Income Society
The Fixed Income Society’s objective is to focus on educating the student body on the fixed income markets. The society teaches bond analysis, portfolio, and hedge strategy, as well as derivative products. The Society hosts guest lectures from professionals working in the fixed income markets and looks to aid Villanova students in networking.

Applied Finance Lab Internship

Interested in working in the Finance Lab?

E-mail Jim Jablonski, Director with your resume if you're interested in this opportunity or if you have any questions.

Open to VSB sophomores and juniors only