Frequently Asked Questions

Are freshmen eligible to tryout?

Yes.  Tryouts are held twice a year.  Once in the spring and again in the fall after orientation.  Spring tryouts are for current Villanova Students and incoming freshman who have already been accepted to the university.  Anyone who has been placed on the wait list is not eligible for the spring tryout.  All current full time students are eligible to tryout in the fall.

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I am interested in cheering at Villanova University. Can I send in a skills tape?

Sure. Send it to:

Phil Oneill
Head Cheerleading Coach
Athletic Department - Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Individuals may also tryout by videotape if they wish but should e-mail the coach for specific requirements that should be included.

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Do you offer scholarships?

Unfortunately no.  However there are many other positive aspects of our team and University.  First and foremost is Villanova’s strong academic reputation.  In addition we have access to many state of the art weight rooms and training facilities and a highly experienced and dedicated coaching staff.  In addition, members of the team travel to many football and basketball games throughout the year including Men’s and Women’s Big East Basketball Tournaments,  and the NCAA playoffs for both football and basketball.

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What are the tumbling requirements to tryout?

Tumbling is not required for tryouts but is strongly encouraged.  The team dedicates time every practice towards developing these skills.  In addition, we attend tumbling classes each week at a gym close to the campus. 

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How often do you practice?

Typically the team practices three to five times a week.  This number can increase and decrease throughout the year depending on game schedules and additional nationals practices.  In addition, there are two mandatory morning team lifts in the varsity weight room each week. 

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How many squads do you have?

We have 2 squads: a co-ed and an all girl squad. 

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I am going to visit the Campus and would like to sit in on a practice. Is this possible?

Sure.  We would love to have you.  If you give us enough time, we could probably arrange for you to have lunch with some members of the team as well after or before your tour.  If you send us an email, we can try and set this up.  Please try and give as much lead-time as possible.

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What are the tryout requirements?

Both men and women will be asked to perform several sidelines and cheers and a few eight counts of the fight song in addition to sitting through a  lengthy interview.  Both will also be expected to demonstrate their most difficult running and standing tumbling pass and several stunt sequences which are determined on a year to year basis.  Women will also be expected to demonstrate two jumps: a toe touch and one additional jump.

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I am afraid that cheerleading will take up too much time. Will I have enough time to study?

The cheerleading team has a long history of academic excellence.  During the orientation period at Villanova University, students are encouraged to get involved and participate.  This is the best way to get the most out of your college experience and meet new people.  If its not the cheerleading team, please get involved in some aspect of Villanova, whether it be athletically or otherwise.  Many of our cheerleaders have plenty of time for other activities. 

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Contact Us

Cheerleading Coach
Athletic Department
Villanova University
Villanova, PA 19085


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