Course Goals

ACS Learning Community summer 2008 workshop (supported by VITAL) Suggested paragraphs on course goals for inclusion (or adaptation) in Learning Community ACS Syllabi.

The more nuts-and-bolts goals of this course are to help you make a successful transition to the expectations of college level work by developing skills that will be helpful to you both in college and in a subsequent career.

Goal Method of assessment **this column should be customized for individual course
Read and think critically: Analyze and bring critical understanding to difficult and important classical texts and develop an appreciation of how much these texts have to teach us Participation in class discussion, short assignments, papers, course project
Write well: Write clearly and persuasively, supporting your positions with argumentation and evidence Papers, short assignments, course project
Communicate effectively orally: Articulate your own views based on your reading and in response to the contributions of other students Participation in class discussion, course project, in-class group work, oral exam
Master co-operative learning skills: Work with and learn from other members of the learning community in a climate of mutual respect and support In-class group work, course project
Apply new perspectives, make connections: Test, refine, and make connections between your own ideas and values and the texts, and between the texts themselves Papers, course project, short writing assignments