Villanova Center for Liberal Education - VCLE

The Center serves as a resource and gathering place for all Villanova faculty interested in interdisciplinary teaching and research. To this end, the VCLE sponsors a number of initiatives including:

Christianity and Culture and Criticism....

A conference supported by the Villanova Center for Liberal Education

November 13-14, 2014-Villanova University, Connolly Center


Cinema:  Thursday at noon

Keynote Address:

Kevin Hart (University of Virginia)"Eliot's Rose-Garden."

Session 1: 1:45-3:15

 Haverford Room:
 Panel 1 (surveying religion and literature) 1. Christian Bieber Lake (Wheaton College) on the theology of stories 2. Lori Branch (University of Iowa) on Lacan 3. Vittorio Montemaggi (University of Notre Dame) on Primo Levi

 Bryn Mawr Room: 

Panel 2​ (contemporary fiction and nonfiction) 1. Matthew Boudway (Commonweal Magazine) on Cormac McCarthy 2. Paul Contino (Pepperdine University) on Alice McDermott 3. Kaya Oakes (University of California, Berkeley)on Richard Rodriguez, Mary Karr, and others

Session 2: 3:30-5:00

 Haverford Room:

Panel 3 (canonical modern and postmodern fiction) 1. Scott Moringiello (DePaul University) on William Gaddis 2. Lee Oser (College of the Holy Cross) on John Kennedy Toole 3. David Griffith (Interlochen Center for the Arts) on David Foster Wallace

 Bryn Mawr Room:

Panel 4 (film and television)

1. John Ruff (Valparasio University) on John Donne and HBO’s _Wit_ 2. Jack Dudley (Mount Saint Mary’s College) on _True Detective_ 3. Michael Tomko (Villanova University) on _Lost_


 Session 3: 9:30-11:00

 Haverford Room:

Panel 5​ (poetry)

1. James Matthew Wilson (Villanova University) on Catholic poetry 2. Artur Rosman (independent scholar) on Czelaw Milosz 3. Anthony Domestico (SUNY-Purchase) on Amy Clampitt

 Bryn Mawr Room

Panel 6 (visual arts)

1. Ruth Bienstock Anolik (Villanova University) on Marc Chagall 2. Richard Viladesau (Fordham University) on contemporary art about crucifixion 3. Jeffrey Kosky (Washinton and Lee University) on Robert Smithson

 Lunch 11:30-1:00  Devon Room

 Session 4: 1:30 -4:00


Roundtable discussion with Paul Elie (Georgetown University), William Giraldi (Boston University), and Kevin Hart (University of Virginia)

Value of the Center

“The opening of the Center marks a turning point for the University. Now, for the first time in the University’s history, the liberal arts, which form the heart of Villanova’s academic mission, will be presented to our students in such a way as to enable them to see the interconnections between the many disciplines of the arts.”

John A. Doody, Ph.D.
Director of the Center
Robert M. Birmingham Chair in Humanities
Professor, Philosophy

More Information

For more information on the Villanova Center for Liberal Education, please contact Dr. John Doody, Director of the Center, at 610.519.4606.