Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House (PVCH)

4108 Baltimore Ave Philadelphia 19104

Executive Director: David Kamioner

Office:  267-292-2052

Website: (the website does not accurately describe the changes in the nature of their outreach to veterans as it not only for veterans receiving medical care)


What is Comfort House?

Comfort House Serves men and women Veterans who are experiencing Homelessness. Comfort house offers shelter, meals, support and administrative liaison for homeless veterans while they seek to rebuild their lives.


'Operation Blanket Party' for those living on the streets of Philadelphia. PVCH personnel and volunteers will distribute blankets to any person in need of them on the streets, vet or non-veteran every other Monday night until April.


Operation Sleigh Ride is scheduled for the other Mondays during that period; PVCH vehicles will search out across Philadelphia and make warmer those who will need the help during the cold months.


In addition, The PVCH offers weekly AA meetings and chaplaincy services to assist our guests in coping with the traumas of addiction, cancer and homelessness.


Volunteer Times:
Days:  Mondays and Thursdays

Time:   5:45 pm - 9:30 pm



What do volunteers do at Comfort House?

Mondays (4-6 students) Operation Sleigh Ride alternating with Operation Blanket Party

Thursdays  (4-6 students) Volunteer activities that range from cooking meals, laundry, light cleaning or office management and organization.


Special Events:

·         Thanksgiving card drive:  Thank you cards are a poster signed by Villanova Community would be given to the Veterans on November 19

·         Veterans Day:  Weekend of Activities--

·         Community Action Project:  There is a lot of opportunity at Comfort House.

·         Thanksgiving and Christmas for Veterans: All Veterans are welcome to eat and shower.