Face to Face

Website: http://www.facetofacegermantown.org/

Offering dignity, compassion, and a sense of community to hundreds of disenfranchised men and women, Face to Face in Germantown is a haven of food, human warmth, and access to solutions to life's challenges. Located at 109 Price Street, in an historic building rented from St. Vincent's Parish, our Dining Room serves about 600 meals each Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Most guests are middle aged or elderly African American men but many women, children and entire families attend as well.  Many guests suffer from physical and/or mental health ailments, drug and alcohol addiction, and homelessness.  For most, the sense of social connection and acceptance they experience within these walls is as nourishing as the food itself.

Through many years of commitment to its community, Face to Face has created an environment of trust and hospitality that reacquaints each guest with his/her humanity.  

"I come each week to the dining room because

people remember me and say hello and thank you.

Life is not as lonely because I come to Face to Face."

a boarding house resident in Germantown

It is our hospitality guests encounter when they come to our Dining Room on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  The atmosphere is bright, inviting, welcoming, and friendly.  Guests are greeted with smiles, handshakes, and welcoming hugs.  Flowers, sometimes fresh, adorn each table.  Volunteers serve nourishing 3-course meals to guests who enjoy being waited on and interacting with their servers.

Sometimes we share a laugh; sometimes celebrate a birthday or other special occasion, sometimes a challenge is shared, but all the time there is a Face to Face connection with each and every guest.  As one guest said...

"I came for something to eat because crack had taken over my life.

I lost my family, my job, my home.  You fed me and you inspired me." 

When will you go?

Mixture of Saturday and Sundays: 10:30 am - 3:00 pm  (a calendar will be provided when Face to Face confirms the dates.