ESF Dream Camp


This is an after school program for children from a variety of schools. It’s a place to do homework, a place to meet a mentor a place to have fun.

This will be our second year working with an afterschool program that is an outgrowth of a summer camp for poor urban youth in Philadelphia from second to eighth grade.  Students are nominated through their school based on merit, character and personal accomplishment.  Each child who goes to the summer camp is invited to participate in an afterschool enrichment program.  The team who worked with that child in summer camp writes a development plan so that the child may reach their own unique potential throughout the year.  The child’s school, family and mentors are involved in writing the plans.

There are two groups of Children the M/W group and the T/TH group.  If you volunteer twice a week you will work with the same children for the year.  You may help them with their homework, reading aloud and character development or participate in afterschool fun, arts and crafts.  The optimal situation would be for you to serve two days a week.  If you cannot do that, it is best to work with a buddy one of you will take care of one group of children on M/W or T/Th.  We will try to pair you up if we have an equal number of students on M/w or T/Th.

Program takes place at Girard College, 9 miles from Villanova.

Interview (at Villanova) by Dream Camp and orientation the last week of September is required by Dream Camp.  This is a good sign for a non-profit - they are protecting their children by knowing who you are and educating you to be  good mentor.

You will enjoy ESF Dream Camp

  • if you like working with children
  • enjoy consistency and working with the same child each week
  • you want to be a part of an organization that is determined to help reach their potential.

When will you go?

Tuesday and/or Thursday 2:30 - 6:45 pm