Cristo Rey High School

Cristo Rey High School

o   Cristo Rey High School:  After School Program

o    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 2:30-5:30


The Mission of Cristo Rey

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School is a Catholic, college preparatory school for students of all faiths who cannot otherwise afford a private education.  Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School nurtures and challenges young women and men to recognize and realize their full potential as they grow to love God, respect others and serve their community.

 The Pathways Program provides an integrated network of coordinated encouragement, assistance and support for limited-income students to help them grow, learn, and ultimately graduate high school and go on to college, realizing their full potential.

In addition to academic and tuition support, the Pathways Program provides structured opportunities for Cristo Rey students to interact with -- and learn from -- local college students in a positive educational environment.

There will be a new Freshman Service Learning community in fall ’13.  The freshman will all be assigned to Cristo Rey.  If you are a sophomore you will work alongside new Villanovans


As a mentor at Cristo Rey

1.  Homework Help

2.  Possible participation in afterschool clubs or activities

The goal is for the students to achieve academic success in a college preparatory program.  Most of the students who tutored at Cristo Rey found the experience fulfilling. 


What students have said about Cristo Rey.

Not knowing how the students were taught the material so it was hard to help them with their work

At first, I was not sure how to tutor the kids. They seemed to know what they were doing for the most part.

But as the weeks went on and I got to know the kids better, I was able to see where each one of them was struggling.

Using this knowledge, I was able to adequately help each individual student.

I would say getting to know the students on an individual basis we important.

A few times I did not know how to help them, should I go up and see if they have questions or should

I wait for them to come to me?  Though I think this was my own weakness, not a weakness of the program.