Build A Bridge

“We train artists and community personnel to effectively serve children and their families in tough places.  We envision a world where all children are resilient, experience self-efficacy, and have a vision for their future.


We engage the arts for restorative purposes. What makes art restorative? Restorative art will always point people in a direction that:

  1. brings an external expression of an inner reality, creating a critical awareness that assists their understanding of their place in the world;
  2. raises one out of, or improves, a situation in which people find themselves to a better way of thinking, believing, feeling, and ultimately living;
  3. provides an opportunity to experience a new way of life, to try it on as a rehearsal for change;
  4. confronts both the evil in society and the consequences of personal actions;
  5. instills a sense of awe and wonder of the Creator; and, ultimately
  6. leads to an understanding of one’s purpose in the world, most often expressed in acts of faith and service to others with the goal of creating a better world.

This will be our first semester serving with Build a Bridge.   We talked about art programs but there are other opportunities for music and dance which we can explore for the future.

Service:  Working with an Art program for children in Shelters for families experiencing homelessness.  There may be other opportunities for self-expression, music or dance available if students are interested we can explore those options.


Orientation: Two day training usually one Saturday(or Friday eventing)  and Sunday from 9am-4pm

  • recommended that students take Social Justice and the Arts SLC course
  • Weekly service in evenings (the evening times will be announced later in the spring or summer.
  • Application.
  • Child Abuse, Criminal record check and FBI clearance  ($48.00)

The focus of the training:  Creating a safe environment for the children in the shelter.  How to encourage resiliency in youth and how art can be restorative to children and adults who are hurting.  How to encourage creativity and healthy relationships with clients and what work you will be doing in the classrooms.

  School Program at Stetson School in North Philadelphia:


Stenton Family Manor:  faith based emergency shelter for families who have no options.

Woodstock family shelter  1981 North Woodstock St, Philadelphia Pa Woodstock Family Center provides emergency shelter for homeless females with children. The facility provides an array of supportive services including case management, a Bright Spaces child care program, and counseling through RHD's Family Shelter Support Team (FaSST).

This is the first time working with Build a Bridge, so we do not have record of student experiences.