Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships are reciprocal relationships between Villanova and an Agency or school that serves the poor or cares for our environment. When Villanova seeks to form a partnership with an agency or school in underserved communities we ask the question, “What do you need that Villanova University can to provide?

Organizations that serve the poor have so many needs that this question is often difficult to answer. We begin to list the needs and it is the responsibility of the Office of Service Learning to seek out faculty who may be wiling to teach a course through which our students can learn as well as meet the needs of our community partner and reflect on the broader issue which affects the constituency of that partner.

What an Organization Must Do

The organization must:

  • Address the needs of the poor or underserved community
  • Have an infrastructure that can support volunteers
  • Ability to have volunteers who work on Higher Education Schedule without consequence to their services.
  • Have a staff or faculty liaison who can maintain communication with the Office of Service Learning.
  • Have a perceived need which Villanova student can address through research or praxis.
  • Have a safe environment in which the students can work

General Instruction:

SLC students are expected to sign up once a week for service. If you wish to serve more than once, (which is great for our partners) you may do so after all other students in SLC have been placed at a service site.
All Times include transporation to and from Villanova


Sophomores who participated in Ruibal as freshman may continue as leaders in the program. Sites and hours will be determined by Campus Ministry.

Poverty and Homelessness

  •  LIFT Philadelphia: Emergency Aid to low income residents or people experiencing homelessness. 4 hours per week in office and 2x monthly training. Available for 3 credit independent study in place of SLC course.
  • SREHUP: Student Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia
      (Saturday and Monday 4:30-9:30)
  • Comfort House:   Hospitality and Outreach to Veterans experiencing homelessness



Education School and After School Placement

  •   Vested (Spring only)


  •  Level: SLC students will be matched with Villanova students on campus who have differing abilities. Leveling the playing field, socially, academically, spiritually and physically.


Women Ex-Offenders returning to Society