Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Service Learning in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is to engage students and faculty members in a process which integrates academics with service in order to enhance learning and to enable our students participate in critical and constructive thinking and action that promotes the common good.

The Villanova community will hear the voice of the poor and oppressed and of the earth as they cry out for justice. We will participate in the search for peace and justice by seeking to improve the quality of life for the community with whom we serve as we develop teaching and learning skills.

How the Office Accomplishes Its Mission

The Office accomplishes its mission by being dedicated to:

  • developing local and international community partners based on identified needs which can be met by the University;
  • engaging students and faculty in the praxis of service and research, both of which have clear goals for the classroom;
  • developing international study abroad opportunities and internships that incorporate service and learning;
  • developing immersion experiences for classes; developing local opportunities for service learning;
  • developing partnerships with Catholic Relief Services and courses in Liberal Arts and Sciences related to service learning;
  • educating and engaging faculty and students about the pedagogy and practice of service learning;
  • educating and informing the Villanova community about service-learning projects that help to create a more just and sustainable world; continuing to develop the service learning community.

For more information, please contact the Office of Service Learning, St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts, at 610.519.4602.

Catholic Christian and Augustinian

The Augustinian tradition calls us to seek the truth so that our hearts and minds can be transformed by what we learn.  We must offer opportunities for our students to be in relationship with those who are marginalized due to class, race or privilege if we are educating leaders of our society who are in solidarity with the least of our brothers and sisters.

We are an educational institution and we can put our knowledge at the service of those who have no voice and we can seek ways to understand injustice and inequality and ultimately teach our students to want justice for those who suffer and to “set love as the criteria” for their action and decisions now and beyond Villanova.