VIP Mentors

The Villanova Internship Program (VIP) Mentor Panel events, hosted throughout the academic year, bring together students who have interned at competitive sites to share their experiences with their peers. 

Examples of VIP Mentor internship sites include The White House, Michael Kors, Sports Illustrated, and Krispy Kreme Donuts, to name a few.  These sessions provide opportunities for students to learn more about finding, applying for, and securing internships in particular industry areas. 

Students gain insight into networking, making a good impression in the workplace, determining what skills/traits employers seek, using their experiences to enhance course work, and make the most of their internships.  Advisors are encouraged to nominate students to participate in VIP Mentor panels.
No prior internship experience is required of students attending a panel discussion. Opportunities for leadership positions and growth are available.  Students must complete the VIP mentor application, available below as a PDF, and return it to SAC 107 to participate as an executive board member.
For questions, please contact

* VIP Mentors Application.pdf
VIP Mentors Application

SPRING 2015 Events

VIP Mentors Student Panel - Event dates and times to be determined.

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“This experience honed and practiced the classroom lessons I have learned in my public relations classes here at Villanova. I was challenged because I was placed outside of my comfort zone with various different personalities and work methods of the office staff, as well as my fellow intern.”
-Will Cullen, ’10, Communication

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