The Registrar’s Office will send out information regarding registration each semester via email. Please note the date and time of your registration period.

Spring 2017 registration will begin on October 31, 2016.

You should prepare for registration by:

  • Selecting several courses you would like to take (You can determine which classes you still need to complete your degree by running a CAPP report in myNova);
  • Completing the schedule worksheet, (include a few alternate classes in the event one of your choices is closed); and
  • Making an appointment with your faculty advisor (at least 1 week prior to your registration time).

At your advising appointment you will discuss your course selection and receive your registration PIN. You cannot register without this PIN. Bring your schedule worksheet with you to this meeting as well as something to write with.

Step by Step Guide

  • Go to myNOVA,
  • Click on Student Tab,
  • Scroll to My Schedule and Registration.
  • Using links within this box, you can: Search for Classes, Login to Register, run a CAPP and much more.

Enter the CRN numbers of the classes you have selected until you have completed your schedule. Anything above 12 credits is considered full-time status, however, 15-18 credits a semester is ideal.

For additional information visit the Office of the Registrar website and watch "preparing for registration" available under the Course Registration links.

Chosing Your Courses

Once you’ve determined the courses you would like to take, download and complete the schedule worksheet below. Be sure to select at least 2 alternate courses in case your first choice courses are closed.

* schedule_worksheet.pdf
Schedule Worksheet