Searching for Core Courses

To find a course that meets a specific core requirement, follow these instructions:

1.   Log in to my NOVA.

2.   Click on “Student” tab.

3.   Click on “Search for Classes”

4.   On the “Master Schedule Class Search” page select which attribute (i.e., which core requirement) you would like to search for from the drop down menu in the “Attribute Type” box (e.g., Core History, Fine Arts Requirement, Diversity Requirement 1). 

5.   If you want to narrow your search by selecting a particular discipline, choose the discipline(s) you want to include from the drop down menu in the “Subject” box. For example, you may want to select a course that meets the fine arts requirement from those that offered by the Communication Department.

6.   Click on “Class Detail Search” at the bottom of the page.

Courses Specially Designed for First Year Students

Please note that several of these courses do not fulfill core requirements but provide a unique benefit to first year students. (Click on the course number in the list to the left for more information)

ASPD 1000 - Advising Explore & Experience
ENG 1842 - Perspectives in Literature
MAT 1220 - Discrete Math Social Sci
MAT 1230 - Intro Statistics I
HON 1290 - MAT Topics in Core Math
MAT 1310 - Calc Life Sci Appl I
MAT 1320 - Calculus I for Liberal Arts
MAT 1400 - Business Calc
MAT 1430 - Business Stats
MAT 1500 - Calculus I
MAT 1505 - Calculus II