WEB CAPP Instructions

To Access Web CAPP Compliance from Student View

  • Go to Villanova’s homepage
  • Log in to myNOVA
  • Click on “Student” tab
  • The third box in the center column, “My Schedule and Registration” contains the link for running a CAPP report
  • Click on CAPP for the appropriate college
  • Select the current term (or term you are registering for) and click “Submit”
  • Click on “Generate a New Evaluation” on the very bottom of the screen
  • Select your Program and Term and then click the “Generate Request”
  • Select “Get Compliance Report”

What-If Analysis -- Arts and Sciences

What-If Analysis -- Arts and Sciences allows you to generate a CAPP compliance  report  for a double/triple major student or a student considering a switch from the Old Core to the New Core, please use WHAT-IF analysis listed below and run a separate compliance report for each major/core.
In MyNova under the “Faculty” tab


  • Under “Advising Tools”, click on “Advisees with Quick Links”
  • Enter the current term
  • Find the student on your list and click on the last “View” link on the right (CAPP)


  • Click on “Novasis” Link under the Advisor Dashboard
  • Select “Faculty and Advisors”
  • Select “Advisor Menu”
  • Select “Faculty Degree Evaluation – CAPP”
  • It will ask for a term:  put in the current term and hit “submit”
  • Enter either the student’s id or the last name, first name, and select “advisees”.  Then hit “submit”
  • When the student’s name shows, hit “submit”


  • You will see “Step 1:  Select a Term”.  Next to entry term, select “Fall 2011” regardless of the student’s actual entry term if you are comparing the old/new core.  This will generate a CAPP under the NEW CORE.  (For an OLD CORE CAPP or DOUBLE/TRIPLE MAJOR EVALUATION, enter the student’s ACTUAL entry term.)
  • You will now see “Step 2:  Please select the program you would like to evaluate”.  Next to program, select “Bachelor of Arts”, for example.
  • You will now see “Step 3:  Select a major”.  Next to First Major, select “Arts Undeclared & Department:  Arts, Gen” to generate a CAPP for an undeclared Arts student.  (Or enter the major the student is planning to declare.)  [Note:  You can add more majors, minors, and concentrations at this point, if you want to.]  Hit “submit”
  • You will now see “Step 4:  Select an evaluation term”.  The default right now is “Spring 2012” and you can leave that.  There should be a check mark next to “Use in progress courses.”  Click on “Generate Request” AT THIS POINT, YOU WILL NEED TO WAIT FOR A FEW SECONDS.
  • Click on “Get Compliance Report”