Minor in Theology and Religious Studies

A 18 credit hours stand-alone program. Take it in conjunction with any other program in any College.

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Students who elect THL/RST as their minor complete 6 courses (or 18 credit hours). Once the required course work is completed, VU recognizes the minor at the time of graduation on the official transcript.

Note: The minor is a stand-alone program. You can take it in conjunction with any other program in any College.

We encourage you to contact our Director of Undergraduate Program to discuss your particular interests and plan your course work.

1 Core Curriculum Course

5 Elective courses

  • 1 Course w/ CTHL attribute.
  • 4 Courses, combination of THL/RST and extra-departmental courses, w/ or w/o CTHL attribute.
  1. 1 elective course fulfills the 2nd THL/RST Core Curriculum requirement and must be taken at the CTHL level. [1]
  2. The remaining elective courses may also have the CTHL attribute.
  3. Depending on your educational and professional goals you may take up to 2 elective courses outside the THL/RST Department (including overseas courses) offered by approved departments and programs listed under each concentration for the major or secondary major. Such courses do not require the CTHL attribute.
  4. Extra-departmental courses are grouped in Tier 1 and Tier 2 courses. You may take Tier 1 courses to satisfy THL/RST requirements without seeking prior approval by the Director of Undergraduate Programs. In contrast, Tier 2 courses need the Director’s prior approval.
  5. 1 elective course may be in a classical language (Latin or Greek) or a critical language (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or Russian). [2] They are Tier 2 courses that need the Director of Undergraduate Programs’ prior approval. 
  6. The total number of elective courses from outside the THL/RST Department (including courses taken overseas) must not exceed 2 courses.

[1]   Attributes for THL/RST courses do not reflect the degree of difficulty or imply a sequence of study. Rather, they indicate the focus of the course and the target group of students.

[2]   Students preparing for graduate studies in theology or religion are encouraged to begin courses in a classical (Greek/Latin) or modern language (French/German).


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