Scholarship Recipients


Scholarship recipients are governed by a policy of the Graduate Studies Office.

The hours scholarship recipients are assigned to work for the Department or for faculty members are weekly hours. Hours not requested by the department or the faculty generally do not accumulate over the course of the semester.

The preferred way of communication in all matters concerning the work of scholarship recipients is e-mail.

Duties of the Director of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid

The departmental Director determines the distribution of work hours throughout the semester, informs scholarship recipients about their specific weekly assignments at the beginning of each semester, and supervises their service to the Department and its faculty.

The Director attempts to distribute work evenly among scholarship recipients. However, responsibilities may vary. Only the Director assigns work to departmental scholarship recipients.

Duties of Faculty Members and Office Staff

Faculty members and staff members:

  1. inform scholarship recipients in advance about specific assignments;
  2. give students adequate time to complete assigned tasks;
  3. supervise the assigned work;
  4. are mindful of the students' personal time and study plans and their primary goal of attending Villanova University: studying and earning a degree; and
  5. notify the Director if their requirements for assistance change significantly during the semester or if any difficulties arise.

Duties of Scholarship Recipients

Departmental Duties

Departmental duties of Graduate Assistants and Tuition Scholars include:

  1. attending departmental student and faculty colloquia;
  2. participating and assisting in departmental lectures, seminars, forums, and conferences; proctoring final examinations;
  3. classroom proctoring (for example, reading announcements; delivering assignments; administering final exams);
  4. assisting in recruiting efforts (for example, Graduate Open House);
  5. assisting the Department Chair, Program Directors, and main office staff with administrative tasks;
  6. community building;
  7. special tasks assigned by the Director.

Assistants to Faculty

Scholarship recipients also work for individual faculty members, in which case they work under the supervision of the faculty member to whom they are assigned. Duties of scholarship recipients who assist faculty include working with individual professors in the areas of research and administration (for example, preparing of classroom material; photocopying; developing and maintaining web content).


Scholarship recipients:

  1. contact the faculty member to whom they are assigned immediately after receiving their assignments from the Director;
  2. carry out their assigned duties and responsibilities in a thorough, timely, and professional manner; and
  3. notify the Director if the work expectations of assigned professors vary significantly from that assigned or if any difficulties arise.


Duties of scholarship recipients do not include:

  1. grading examinations;
  2. grading papers;
  3. teaching or facilitating discussions in a faculty member’s class;
  4. working on weekends and during breaks;
  5. performing activities that are the responsibility of VU faculty or staff members (for example, deliveries or transports of goods or persons by personal or University owned car).