Master's Degree and Concentrations

We design our degree programs to meet a plurality of professional needs (lay ministerial work; teaching; doctoral studies; etc.). Our Master's in Theology degree designates a general degree. It is particularly beneficial for those students who intend to distribute course work evenly across all academic areas, for example, in preparation for secondary school education or lay ministry work.

If you wish to specialize your studies at the master's level you may choose an academic concentration. A concentration permits you to focus your studies, specialize in distinctive fields of inquiry, individualize your degree program and tailor it to suit your academic, professional and personal goals and objectives. A concentration may enhance your academic portfolio for future employment or further academic studies.

Noting a Concentration on Your Transcript

Academic concentrations are serious academic endeavors. They convey an accurate and objective description your course of study, thus enhancing the value and ensuring the integrity of your education. Your concentration will be indicated on your official transcript if the concentration is declared when you apply for graduation and all courses required for the concentration are documented as completed. Noting a concentration on your transcript not only recognizes your academic interests and the completion of required course work; it also makes the concentration a University recognized track within your master's degree and officially acknowledges your academic achievements in the concentration.

Listing your concentration recognizes the broader academic focus undertaken by you in a particular academic area while clarifying the purpose of the general master's degree for those intending to teach in secondary schools or seeking employment in ministerial fields.

Declaring a Concentration

You may choose a concentration during the course of the program; you do not have to declare a concentration when you apply for admission to one of our programs. We will notify the registrar at the time of your graduation that you have completed the concentration.

Areas of Concentration

A concentration consists of four or more courses. We offer concentrations in all these academic areas.

  • Biblical Studies
  • Historical Studies, Historical Theology and Augustinian Tradition
  • Systematic Theology
  • Christian Spirituality
  • Christian Ethics
  • Lay Ministry