Master of Arts /w Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

photo of group of graduate students posing on steps in front of campus church

An Integrative Program

This innovative program offers you the opportunity to combine our M.A. in Theology with our Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. As a student enrolled in the program, you will study theology and its ministerial dimensions within Villanova's Augustinian tradition of learning with the heart and the mind; integrate your faith into your life supported by the academic and ministerial environment of Villanova University; and prepare yourself to become a responsible lay minister, educator, and leader.

close-up photo of graduate students. male and female. posing as a group

A Collaborative Program

We conduct the program jointly with the Center for Pastoral Ministry Education. You will take courses in theology, lay ministry, religious education, and counseling; complete a supervised ministerial practicum; and broaden your understanding of the dynamic interaction between theology and ministry.

close-up photo of group of four graduate interns. male and female

Two Tracks

The program with On-Campus Internship enrolls you in the Villanova Graduate Campus Ministry Internship Program and prepares you for lay ministerial leadership with a particular emphasis on campus ministry. Its format allows you to complete it in just two years. You receive tuition remission, a stipend, and free housing.

The program w/ Off-Campus Practicum enrolls you in a practicum off campus. Its format allows you to complete the M.A. in Theology and the Certificate in pastoral Ministry in just two years or in up to six years if you work while you pursue your career goals.