Internships in Campus Ministry

Integrate faith into the academic and ministerial environment of Villanova University.

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Each fall semester, Villanova's Center for Pastoral Ministry Education and Internship admits a limited number of graduate students (approximately four) to the Villanova Campus Ministry Graduate Internship Program (CMI).

  • Internships provide room and board, tuition remission, and a stipend in exchange for ministerial work primarily with freshmen students in our residence halls.
  • In addition to meeting the requirements for the CMI Program, all interns complete a Master's Degree Program and our Certificate in Pastoral Ministry.
  • The Certificate is the academic core of ministry on campus, providing vibrancy, effectiveness, distinctiveness, and excellence in theological and lay ministerial education to our interns. We designed it with interns in mind whose primary academic interests are in Theology and Counseling.
  • Interns combine their graduate studies in Theology with the Certificate. Thus, they enroll in the Combined MA in Theology/Certificate in Pastoral Ministry Programm. Interns in the joint program are permitted to double-count graduate courses.
  • The CMI Program also welcomes applicants, on a case by case basis, who wish to earn a master's degree in fields other than Theology or Counseling.

First Our joint program - MA in Theology; Certificate in Pastoral Ministry; Campus Ministry Internship - advances theological and ministerial studies within the Augustinian tradition and prepares you to become a responsible Church minister, educator, and leader. The program provides you with the opportunity to enrich your understanding of the mission of the Church, locally and globally, and deepen your academic knowledge in lay ministry (“mind”) in order to minister effectively (“heart”) on campus and in the world.
Second The program implements in theory and practice care for the growth of the whole person (which is [at] the heart of theVillanova University mission). Thus, the Augustinian character of the program emerges. Enriched by the tradition of St. Augustine, whose theology powerfully related faith and reason, you will study (Combined MA/CERT Program) and work (Graduate Internship) in programs known for educating lay ministers who understand what they believe and practice what they know. That is, your education enriches Campus Ministry because you will be, on campus, a competent minister and leader trained in the image of Augustine.
Third The program recognizes the responsibility of Campus Ministry within the prophetic mission of the Church. It fosters a community of inquiry that examines Christian theological and lay ministerial traditions and advances faculty, ministry staff, and student commitment to excellence in theological and lay ministerial education.

The program combines academic studies in Theology, Counseling, and Lay Ministry with practical training in campus ministry. Students meet the requirements for

This page explains the requirements of the Combined MA/CERT program for Campus Ministry Interns. Non-interns, please consult this page. Also, please see the Program Requirements Checklist for specifics.

Applicants to our combined MA in Theology/Certificate in Pastoral Ministry Program plus Campus Ministry Internship Program are required to complete two separate applications: