Certificates in Theology

Flexible gateways to diverse professional and personal opportunities. Catholic Christian theological studies for students with traditional or non-traditional academic and professional expertise.

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We design our Certificates for individuals who

  • wish to explore theirr interest in seeking a Master’s degree in Theology and plan to earn credits that count toward the degree; or
  • seek to enrich their professional experience with academic learning and enhance their career in teaching, ministry, or administration; or
  • do not intend to complete a Master’s degree in Theology, but wish to stay current with contemporary issues in theology and pursue comprehensive, high quality studies in select fields of theological inquiry; or
  • wish to continue graduate studies after completing a graduate degree program in Theology or a related field because they have developed an interest in a specific theological discipline and seek to explore it deeper, or seek to pursue the relation between theology and other fields of inquiry, thus combining a specialization in theological studies with a graduate degree their have already earned or will earn.

Our programs 

  1. introduce you to theological knowing in the Augustinian tradition, which is distinctive in its emphasis on the union of mind and heart; and
  2. strengthen theological knowing with the heart and the mind by engaging theology with a faculty committed to providing a Christian intellectual and moral environment; integrating contemporary thought, experience, and method in course work; and advancing the various disciplines of Systematic Theology, Biblical Studies, Historical Studies and Historical Theology, and Christian Ethics.
  3. In this learning environment, you will pursue the same learning objectives as students in the master's program, albeit – pertinent to your chosen concentration – more selectively.

  • Students in a Certificate program may apply for acceptance to the MA degree program. Acceptance is dependent upon good academic standing in the Certificate program.
  • Students who have completed the requirements for a Certificate program and maintained a 3.0 GPA will, upon request, be accepted into the MA program. You may transfer all courses taken in fulfillment of the requirements for the Certificate to our master’s degree program.
  • Students enrolled in the MA program who do not wish to complete the degree program but have completed the requirements for a Certificate, will receive that Certificate.
  • Students who fulfill the requirements for two Certificates whose courses equal the required distribution of courses in the MA degree program, and pass the comprehensive examinations, will be awarded the MA in Theology degree.
  • Students with Special Student status wishing to continue in a Certificate program must petition the Director of Graduate Programming for a reevaluation of their status.

About Our Certificates

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Do you not have a master's degree in theology or religion? Enroll in one of these programs:

Did you  already earn a master's degree in Theology or Religion? Enroll in of the these programs:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Advanced Theological Studies
  • Advanced Interdisciplinary Theological Inquiry