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Programs in Theology and Ministry

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Our vision of faith engaging culture in teaching and learning aims to be a vision for the third millenium, rooted in the Augustinian and Catholic intellectual traditions. It is the distinctive element of theological inquiry at Villanova - engaging theology from within, and contextualizing it meaningfully within, contemporary culture.

Our graduate programs use building blocks of foundational courses, concentrations, and electives that permit you to move from one program to another based on evolving interests. We offer day and evening classes, making it easier to juggle coursework, job, and home life.

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Like all our programs, the doctoral program embodies the Augustinian tradition: Students relate faith, reason, and culture for our time as Augustine did in his.

We require specialization in two fields of inquiry, which confers both a breadth of intellectual inquiry and a distinctiveness to our program.

  • Master of Arts (30 Credit Hours). Our most concise master’s program. You may develop a concentration in one area of study.
  • Master in Theological Studies (48 Credit Hours). Our most advanced master’s program. Students pursue their theological interests through additional course work and prepare for further academic studies.
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This innovative, 42 credit hours program offers you the opportunity to combine our Master of Arts in Theology with our Certificate in Pastoral Ministry and study lay ministry within the Catholic Christian theological tradition.

The program includes a ministerial field practicum. There are two options to complete the practicum (and thus the degree):

  • Scholarship-based On-Campus Internship
  • Off-Campus Practicum.
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Dual degree programs provide alternate paths to Villanova degrees. If you wish to to complement your theological education with studies in related or different disciplines, this program is the choice for you. We offer dual master’s degrees with

  • History
  • Education
  • English
  • Church Management
  • Public Administration

You may combine programs (39-48 Credit Hours) across disciplines, for example, the M.A. in Theology with a Certificate in History, Non-profit Management, Education, or Gender and Women’s Studies, Peace and Justice Studies.

»Master of Arts w/ Certificate in History (36 Credit Hours)

»Master of Arts w/ Certificate in Education (36 Credit Hours)

»Master of Arts w/ Certificate in Non-Profit Management (36 Credit Hours)

»Master of Arts w/ Certificate in Gender and Women's Studies (36 Credit Hours)

»Master of Arts w/ Certificate in Advanced Theological Inquiry (39 Credit Hours)

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We offer Certificates (15-18 Credit Hours) in

  • Theological Studies Interdisciplinary
  • Theological Inquiry
  • Pastoral Ministry

Complete a certificate on its own or in conjunction with a master’s degree within or outside of our department.

If you would like to try out one of our programs without completing the full application process, or complete one of our courses as a visiting student, you may apply as a "non-matriculated student." Under this status, you may take any two of our classes.

If you apply to and are accepted into one of our programs, the credits from these courses may be transferred toward a degree or certificate program. Non-matriculated students cannot be considered for financial aid.

If you wish to apply to be a non-matriculated student, please notify the Graduate Program Director.  Once you have received a response to your e-mail, simply complete a Non-Matriculated Application here.