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About us

We engage in the restless search for meaning; understand Christian theology to be "faith seeking understanding;" nurture a historical consciousness.

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  • We are a graduate faculty within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova University, a university with a Roman Catholic and Augustinian heritage.
  • We emphasize a broad understanding of the Christian theological tradition in light of the Second Vatican Council and questions raised by modern culture.
  • We investigate the implications of theological knowing and cultural expressions of that knowledge, as well as the influence of culture on theology and study these relations from multiple academic perspectives.
  • We "do theology" in the Augustinian tradition and integrate contemporary thought, experience, and method in course work.
  • We advance the various disciplines of Systematic and Fundamental Theology, Biblical Studies, Historical Studies and Historical Theology, Christian Ethics, Christian Spirituality, and Lay Ministry.

►Read more about our mission ... about who we are; what we offer; who our students are; what our students accomplish.

►Read more about our Augustinian tradition ... about doing theology within the Augustinian tradition; faith seeking understanding, engaging culture; knowing infused with care and love.

►Read more about our advantage ... about our Augustinian heritage and Catholic mission; spiritual growth; location and resources; placement; classes and instruction; affordability.

►Read more about our faculty members ... who are widely recognized for excellence in teaching and research. 100 percent hold the highest degree in their respective disciplines, ensuring premier theological education, top-tier programs and teaching, and curricular innovation.

photo of glass window

Augustine Contemplating the Trinity

Artwork in St. Thomas of Villanova Church