about us

About us

We engage in the restless search for meaning; understand Christian theology to be "faith seeking understanding;" nurture a historical consciousness.

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  • We are an academic faculty within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova University, a University with a Roman Catholic and Augustinian heritage.
  • We emphasize a broad understanding of the Christian theological tradition in light of the Second Vatican Council and questions raised by modern culture.
  • We place special significance on the study of Roman Catholicism and emphasize the meaning and values of religion and religious traditions in an ecumenical context.
  • We explore theology within the Augustinian tradition with a particular focus on faith engaging culture and knowing infused with care and love.

Dr. Hadley's Jezreel Blog

Dr. Hadley is a senior staff member of the Jezreel Archaeological Expedition, working at Tel Jezreel, Israel. She is representing Villanova on the excavation team, and Villanova is also a consortium member for the excavation. Follow her blog ...