Season 2003-2004

goodnight desdemona poster

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

By Ann-Marie MacDonald
Directed by Jonathan Carr September
30-October 12, 2003

Romeo and Juliet and Othello as comedies? It my sound strange, but in Ann-Marie MacDonald's zany satire it all makes hysterical sense. Slogging away as a ghostwriter for a pompous male colleague while writing her dissertation, assistant professor Constance Ledbelly discovers evidence of an omitted character in both of Shakespeare's legendary tragedies - a wise fool whose actions prevent disastrous events. In a fit of despair, Constance flings herself and the tragedies into a wastepaper basket only to suddenly find herself plunged into the worlds of the plays. Filled with witty double entendres and copious tomfoolery, you don't have to be a fan of the Bard to enjoy this hilarious gender-bending satire about one woman's journey toward self-realization. More Information...

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Don Juan

By Molière
Translated & adapted by Richard Nelson
Directed by James J. Christy
November 11-23, 2003

He is history's greatest cad and man about town, his name synonymous with seduction and sensuality. Don Juan, Moliere's scandalous 17th-century comedy, brings the legendary lover vividly to life as he travels the Italian countryside proposing marriage and breaking hearts. With his cowardly and inept valet Sganarelle at his side, Don Juan seduces and deserts woman after woman, ridicules his rivals, and mocks the heavens -- until his self-centered behavior invokes the wrath of God. Watch and see if the charming Don Juan escapes yet again or if his lecherous conduct proves his ultimate undoing! More Information...

summer and smoke poster

Summer and Smoke

by Anton Chekhov
directed by Harriet Power
featuring Joanna Rotté
February 8-20, 2011

"For a long time after you have seen it, you are likely to believe this must be the most wonderful play in the world." — New York Times

In this last and arguably greatest of Chekhov’s monumental plays, an impoverished land-owning Russian family stands on the cusp of sweeping change, preferring fantasies and frivolity to hard choices and actions. Twelve passionate, flawed, funny, and utterly individual characters wrestle with the same pressing questions that still consume us a hundred years later: How can we find love? How do we escape our past mistakes? Why do we turn a blind eye to the very things we should solve? Why do we ache for what we cannot have? And how do we get through the day? More Information...

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book by Keythe Farley & Brian Flemming
music & lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe
directed by Valerie Joyce
March 29-April 17, 2011
***PG-13 (not recommended for young children)***

Ripped from the hilarious headlines of the supermarket tabloid WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, this off-Broadway Musical of the Year details the discovery of a curious creature – half-human, half-vampire bat – found deep within a West Virginia cave. This tongue-in-cheek tale will leave your toes tapping to a score that weaves together rock, pop, Broadway, gospel, and country music. In between howls of laughter, BAT BOY wrestles with the notion of American prejudice, the fierceness of modern religion, the idea of genetic engineering, and loads more. Part LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, part LES MISERABLES, part DRACULA, BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL is a masterpiece of issue-strewn, big-hearted comic horror. You'd be batty to miss it. More Information...

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