Fedigan Room Reservation

The Fedigan Room can accommodate up to 40 people in a conference style setting; the large rectangular table can accommodate 20 with seating for an additional 20 around the perimeter of the room.


Room Availability: 

Please view the active Fedigan Room calendar for date and time availability.  (vu username and password required)

Room Specifications: 

Conference style seating, complete with an 80” HD Flat Screen Display and a mirrored iPad display.
Room Speakers for Sound, Podium, Tele-Conferencing and Video Conferencing capabilities using Skype or Google Hangouts.
Please use the following form to submit reservation requests to the Fedigan Room/SAC 400.
The Fedigan Room is not intended for Student use; No Food is permitted; Wildcard Access is necessary.


Room Instructions:

Please learn about the Fedigan Room technology by viewing the PDF below.



Reservation Request form:

Event Information:

(Wildcard Access)

Technical Needs:


I acknowledge that food and drink is not permitted in the Fedigan Room.

Additional Request:

You will recieve an email confirming your request.