Former Undergraduates in Ph.D. Programs

Many of our former students have gone on to study in a variety of excellent doctoral programs all over the country; some have become professors, and others are researchers.  Know someone who should be added to this list?  Questions about earning a PhD?  Email the Chair at!

Molly Barrett (’05): Current PhD student, State University of New York - Albany

Sarah Blanchard (’08): Current PhD student, University of Texas - Austin

Jocelyn Fontaine (’03): PhD, American University (’07);
Senior Researcher, Justice Policy Center, The Urban Institute

Nicole Frisch ('13): Current PhD Student, University of Maryland - College Park 

Rebecca (Joyce) Kissane (’96)
: PhD, University of Pennsylvania (’03);
Associate Professor, Lafayette College

Melinda Kane (’93): PhD, Vanderbilt University (’00);
Assistant Professor, East Carolina University

Amy Langenkamp ('97): PhD, University of Texas - Austin ('97);
Assistant Professor, Notre Dame University

Kristin Lavin ('06): Current PhD student, Florida State University

Melissa Logue (’98): PhD, Pennsylvania State University (’03);
Assistant Professor, St. Joseph’s University

Monica McDermott (’93): PhD, Harvard University (’00);
Associate Professor, Stanford University

Julie McLaughlin (‘95): PhD, Rutgers University (’04);
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Evan Montgomery (’01): PhD, University of Virginia ('11);
Senior Fellow, The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

Bruce O'Neill ('04): Current PhD student, Stanford University

Francis Pryor (’09): Current PhD student, University of Pennsylvania

Helen Rosenbaum (‘02): PhD, Temple University ('11)

Joelle Sano Gilmore (’04): PhD, Boston College (’09)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Annenberg Center for Advanced Study in Communication, University of Pennsylvania

Matthew Schoene (’09): Current PhD student, Ohio State University

Tanja St. Pierre (‘98): Current PhD student, Pennsylvania State University
Sociology Instructor, Pennsylvania State University

Jessica Streeter (’06): Current PhD student, Rutgers University