Student Awards

The Lawrence J. McGarry Award

This award is presented to a graduating student who best combines "Academic Excellence with a Commitment to Social Justice." Dr. McGarry was a member of the Sociology Department from 1963 until 2004. A deeply spiritual man, Dr. McGarry was a quiet yet relentless advocate for social justice. Generosity and a deep-seated concern for others were two of the outstanding qualities that made him a special human being. Each year he made significant contributions to a number of a non-profit organizations serving the poor. He always maintained a cordial and helpful relationship with his students, never failing to greet each of them and with a smile. He was an esteemed colleague and an excellent teacher who was respected by four generations of students. His colleagues honored him for his commitment to his students and the less fortunate by estabishing this award.

Past Winners Include:

2013    Melissa Madden, Amanda Mathew, & Molly Sapia

2012    Weddy K. Worjroh

2011    Mary Anna McCabe

2010    Diondra T. Burney

            Caitrin L. Coccoma

2009    Jaclyn McNamee

2008    Lauren E. Thum

2007    Kristyna N. Carroll

The John E. Hughes Medallion of Excellence Award

John E. Hughes was the Founder of the Department of Sociology at Villanova University. This award is presented to a graduating Sociology major who exhibits excellence in academics.

Past Winners Include:

2013    Kristen DiGloria

2012    Kristen E. Valosky

2011    Alissa C. Ricci

2010    Caitrin L. Coccoma

2009    Jacquelin Giacobbe

2008    Maggie T. Grace

2007    Brianne M. Orner

Edwin Sutherland Medallion of Excellence for Criminal Justice

The Edwin Sutherland Award is named after a leading figure in criminal justice theory and research. The award is given to a graduating major in Criminal Justice who exhibits excellence in academics.

2013    Nicole Frisch

2012    Christopher M. Putvinski

2011    Chelsea K. Moylan

2010    Richard R. Baccare

2009    Kelly Kreider

2008    Ashley R. Newman

2007    Katie D. Baranek

Weddy Worjroh (’12), a recent graduate majoring in Sociology and Global Interdisciplinary Studies, was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Argentina.  She will be working in an English Teacher Training College in an Argentine province next year from March to November (2013). Congratulations Weddy!