On Thursday, April 12, sixteen students from our department presented their research at Elizabethtown College (PA) as part of the 32nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Social Research Conference.  The students, along with Drs. Tom Arvanites and Brian Jones, were among over a hundred students and faculty who participated in this year’s conference.  The students and their research topics were:

Amanda Mathew
The Causes and Effects of Female Empowerment in Developing Nations

Samantha Abbatiello & Robert Sweeny
The Effects of Political Views on Marriage in the United States

Leann Riether & David Marino
Life Satisfaction and Education

Megan Backus Alexandra Hayes
Sex Differences in Regards to Alcohol Consumption

Nicole Accurso
Education and Street Crime

Grace Kinda 
Sex and Health: Determining the Effect of Gender on American Self-Reported Health Responses

Christie Verdier & Marlon Johnson
The Factors of Fear

Katelyn Mazenko & Michael Mazzella
Race and Trust

Kathleen Bullock
Educational Effects on Religiosity