Testimonials from Students & Alumni

Each year the department surveys graduating seniors and alumni to obtain feedback about our program. The following comments offer some insight into students' perspectives on majoring in our department:

"After graduation, I started working as an intern with the Organized Crime Task Force at the New York State Office of the Attorney General. I committed to volunteering for a year, but I'm so happy to say that I was recently hired!  My title is Investigative Analyst, and I work with attorneys and investigators with investigations of criminal enterprises.  A big part of my job is monitoring wiretaps and surveillance videos, and analyzing phone, financial, and other records that I've subpoenaed. It's a ton of writing, but I honestly think that being a SOC and CRJ major prepared me for it (with all those research papers and such)!  My boss told me that I have the writing ability of an attorney... I have the SOC/CRJ professors to thank for that!!  I love my job, and it has been awesome thus far." -Nicole Accurso '13

"I decided to major in sociology because knowing about people and understanding how the environment affects those people will be instrumental in almost any career. I know that no matter what job I end up in after graduation, I want to help others, and I will need to be able to look deeper than surface level into the lives of those around me if I really want to help them. Lastly, I have been impressed and pleased by the array of courses offered within the department and feel that my degree will give me a very broad social education."
-Jessica Flynn (an undergraduate currently majoring in sociology) 

"Thanks to Villanova's B.A. in Criminal Justice program, I have developed the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed in a wide variety of career paths.  Through coursework focused on theory, research methods, and critical analysis of the justice system, I am well-prepared for a future in law enforcement, legal work, social advocacy, or academia.  Additionally, the wide array of volunteer and internship opportunities offered through the department has allowed me to apply what I learn in the classroom in ‘real-world’ situations." -Kenneth C. Tsang (2013)

"I've been with the FBI for about a month and a half now.  The things I learned in [my sociology/criminal justice classes] have been very useful to me in order to succeed in my position.  I've been working hand-in-hand with Special Agents and Intelligence Analysts as a Research Analyst and the techniques I learned from you have helped me tremendously.  The writing aspect has also been a great help as I have to prepare many analyses of findings.  Thanks to you -- and the rest of the faculty -- I've been very successful so far.  I just wanted to... thank you for everything you taught me. "  -J.D. (2009)

"I find myself more and more using the skills I learned at Villanova in my sociology classes... [including] a lot of research, critical thinking, etc.  I am very glad I have my Villanova education to help me out with [my current] stressful job!"  -J.O. (2005)

"I use SO MANY of the skills I learned in my theory and methods courses in my job everyday... Tell your students that it has been over 2 years since I presented my paper at the Mid-Atlantic Conference and I still talk about it. I also think about it every time I get up to give a speech about what I have been working on to corporate officers (and it is good practice because college students are kinder audiences then CEOs!)" -C.D. (2005)

"Academically, I found that my undergraduate coursework prepared me for the intense workload and challenging courses of the doctoral program. This has been particularly true in my required statistics, methods, and theory courses. The major requirements provided a strong background for me so I could apply the course material to my own research interests. The time management skills I gained also aided my transition to graduate school; this has enabled me to complete my coursework, be a teacher’s assistant, and pursue my own research interests." -J.S. (2004)

"I am thankful for the experience of writing multiple research papers because it was great preparation for graduate school. Students should realize that while these may seem like a daunting task at the time, in the end it will be worth it." -J.F. (2003)

"A sociology major exposes students to a great deal of research and writing, which are the foundations of law school.  The study of sociology also teaches you how to think and approach problems analytically and critical analytical thinking is a skill you need in law school." -M.D. (2002)

"Sociology has helped me in many aspects of my career. It has broadened the landscape of my mind by forcing me to recognize the differences between society and individuals. Providing me with special insight into organizational behavior, it gave me a head start in my experiences after graduation." -M.R. (1999)

"My sociological background provided an edge in my career. Sociology taught me to look at the 'big picture' and helps me to better understand my clients, assess their needs and effectively communicate with them." -K.C. (1998)

"A sociology major exposes students to a great deal of research and writing which are the foundations of a law school...it teaches critical thinking which is a skill you need to master in law school." (Sociology graduate and practicing attorney)

"Overall, the teachers are wonderful... and the course options are tremendous.  In the Sociology department, I have always found a teacher-student relationship... The Sociology department is a family that welcomes a student to join their family.  It is a kind of department that helps a student to succeed in life." (Anonymous)

"I think the Sociology department is wonderful at this school.  Compared with other programs, the staff is much more helpful, open and responsive to the needs of the students than I've found in other departments." (Anonymous)

The professors have been widely available and are eager to assist and get you involved in jobs, research, etc.  Information came to me!  I was very pleased with my Sociology department experience."  (Anonymous)

"I never had a problem with any teacher or class.  Everything was straightforward and clear cut.  Teachers were always available to help me.  They also never forgot my name in future experiences... I always received good advice from [my Sociology] teachers.  The fact that it is a small department is a plus." (Anonymous)

"Through-out my years studying Sociology, the majority of my classes encompassed tackling research and writing effectively and clearly. While the rigors of law school demand much from an aspiring attorney, critical reading, writing, and analytical skills are absolutely necessary for success in the field...My under-graduate experiences provided me with a great advantage in starting law school in that I was already exposed to analytical thinking and writing." (Anonymous)

"Sociology has provided me with a great background of both creativity and concreteness. I learned to balance ideas, observations and impressions about society with action and concrete data." (Anonymous)