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The department offers undergraduate programs in Sociology (major; minor) and Criminology (major; minor).  Please take your time and explore our website.  You can find information about our current course offerings in Sociology and Criminology; learn more about our department and our award-winning faculty; read about what students are involved with in and out of the classroom; check out resources regarding internships, career preparation, research, service learning, and graduate school; and review our departmental newsletter.  Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Robert DeFina, the Department Chair, at 610.519.4482.

34th Annual Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Social Research Conference: Friday, April 11, 2014

It is an honor and a pleasure to announce that our department will be sponsoring the Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Social Research Conference (MAUSRC) for the second consecutive year. The conference will be held on Friday, April 11, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


9:00am- Registration (Driscoll Hall, Main Lobby)

9:30am-Welcoming Remarks (Driscoll 134 – Learning Hall)
Jean Ann Linney, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Villanova University

9:45am-Keynote Address (Driscoll 134 – Learning Hall)
Michael J. Engle, Esquire
Attorney & Partner, Law Firm of Greenblatt, Pierce, Engle, Funt & Flores

10:15am-Student Introductions & Reception (Driscoll Hall, Main Lobby)
Deanna Puentes & Alexis Budzyn
Senior Sociology Majors, Villanova University

Panel Session I
(Bartley Hall, Ground Level)
Panel 1.1: Special Topics in Education (Bartley 23A) 
Panel 1.2: Rights & Responsibilities (Bartley 32)       
Panel 1.3: Gendered Experiences (Bartley 33)            
Panel 1.4: All About Crime (Bartley 35)
Panel 1.5: The Role of Race (Bartley 38) 

Poster Session I (Bartley Hall, Ground Level, area near Holy Grounds coffee stand)

(Cafeteria area at The Exchange, Bartley Hall, Ground Level)

Poster Session II (
Bartley Hall, Ground Level, area near Holy Grounds coffee stand)

Panel Session II
(Bartley Hall, Ground Level)
Panel 2.1: Sexual Education, Intimacy, & Relationships (Bartley 23A) 
Panel 2.2: Social Media & Cyber Interactions (Bartley 24)                   
Panel 2.3: The Criminal Justice System & Mass Incarceration (Bartley 26)                 
Panel 2.4: Mass Media Portrayals & Effects (Bartley 33)            
Panel 2.5: The Body & The Self (Bartley 34)              

Panel Session III
(Bartley Hall, Ground Level)
Panel 3.1: Violence in our Homes, Schools, and Communities (Bartley 23A)
Panel 3.2: Issues in Political Economy (Bartley 24)
Panel 3.3: Educational Achievement (Bartley 26)
Panel 3.4: Faith & Trust in Government (Bartley 33)
Panel 3.5: Health, Happiness, & Satisfaction (Bartley 34)

Program Guide for the 34th Annual Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Social Research Conference:


Please park in the main/visitors lot off of Lancaster Avenue/US-30 as we have made arrangements with the parking office so that no cars in that lot will be ticketed on April 11th. Please let us know if you will be coming in a larger vehicle, such as a van or bus, so that we can make advance arrangements for you. Registration begins at 9 am in Driscoll Hall.


FOR PANEL PRESENTATIONS, students should expect to prepare a 10-15 minute oral presentation for an audience of students and faculty. The use of PowerPoint or other applications are welcome (but not required). Students should come prepared with their presentations on a USB flash drive.  We also encourage students to upload their presentation file so that we can offer direct access to their presentation on Villanova laptops on April 11th. Students should upload their presentation file by Wednesday, April 9th. As mentioned earlier, Villanova University will provide laptops and projectors in all conference rooms.

FOR POSTER PRESENTATIONS, students should create and set up a posterboard (approximately 24 x 36, on *soft* posterboard material) highlighting their research results and be prepared to answer questions posed by students and faculty. Villanova University will provide display stands for the posterboards.

We look forward to welcoming you to Villanova University on Friday, April 11, 2014.

Questions? Please contact Dr. Brian Jones                     at or Mariana Pardes at Please check
this website for additional updates.

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