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It seems difficult to exaggerate the role played by Russia and the USSR in the modern era. Soviet Russia rightly claimed to be the world's first socialist country. For almost fifty years after its victory in World War II, the USSR along with the United States dominated world affairs as the other superpower. Even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in l99l, Russia remains the dominant player in the international politics of the vast Eurasian continent.

Russians have given the world some of the greatest works of literature, art, and music. From epic novels such as War and Peace and Dr. Zhivago to the Nutcracker Suite and the revolutionary canvases of Kandinsky and Chagall, Russian cultural achievements have become world treasures.

Today, Russian Studies offers an unprecedented wealth of career opportunities. Relations between the Russian and American governments, businesses, professions, non-governmental organizations, and educational and cultural institutions are developing rapidly, and demand for people with language skills and a knowledge of the area is increasing.

Creation of the Russian Area Studies Concentration

With these considerations in mind, the College of Arts and Sciences at Villanova introduced the Russian Area Studies Concentration in l996:

  • to provide undergraduates with a structured, multi-disciplinary understanding of this complex region of the world and Russia's relations with other countries in the area;
  • to train undergraduates who wish to pursue a professional career in Russian studies in government, academia, or business;
  • to foster greater knowledge of the Russian area by preparing our students for study in Russia and by encouraging Russian citizens to visit Villanova;
  • and to serve the University community and the larger community beyond campus by enhancing a knowledge and understanding of the Russian area through conferences, lectures, cultural events.
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Contact Information

Director, Russian Area Studies
Dr. Joseph Loya
Assistant Professor of History
Phone: 610-519-7243

Administrative/Events Assistant:

Ms. Joyce Harden
Villanova University
Office: SAC 277
: 610-519-4640