Russian Area Studies Program

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The Concentration promotes the study of the Russian language, culture and society on three continents. With a rigorous and intellectually challenging program, students in the Russian Area Studies Concentration will become proficient in the language by taking at least two semesters of Russian language at the intermediate level, and will gain well-rounded knowledge of the culture by taking five electives chosen from designated courses in History, Literature, Political Science, Economics, Religious Studies, and Art and Art History. Our dedicated faculty will foster students' knowledge of the Russian area by preparing our students for study there.

Introduced in 1996, the Russian Area Studies Concentration was established to provide undergraduates with a structured, multi-disciplinary understanding of this complex region of the world and Russia's relations with other countries in the area, and to train undergraduates who wish to pursue a professional career in Russian studies in government academia, or business.

Upcoming Events

Congratulations to Dr. Boris Briker

In early September, Dr. Boris Briker, Professor of Russian Language and Literature, participated in the Meridian Czernowitz International Festival in Chernyvtsi, Ukraine. The festival is a renowned international festival of culture, books, and poetry. At the festival, Dr. Briker and his co-author Anatoly Vyshevsky introduced their edited volume Chernyvtsi Tales.  Featuring writers with different styles and a range of genres, the book presents the city, Chernovtsy, during the post-World WarII Soviet period. Dr. Briker's presentation was very well received.  He and Dr. Vyshevsky gave interviews to the local print media and the local radio station. Given the bloody conflict in Ukraine, this international celebration of culture was especially poignant.

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Director, Russian Area Studies
Dr. Joseph Loya
Assistant Professor of History
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Ms. Joyce Harden
Villanova University
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