Study Opportunities

Study Opportunities

The Department of Romance Languages & Literature offers opportunities to supplement class learning. There are exciting language clubs in each language, where students meet and practice the language; overseas studies during the semester and summer months, internships, foreign film series, lectures and free language tutoring. Students seeking additional information about these and other departmental programs may contact the undergraduate coordinator in each language section: Dr. Salvatore Poeta in Spanish, Dr. Gaetano Pastore in Italian and Dr. Beatrice Waggaman in French. You may also speak with your language professor about these opportunities and check them out in the web page.

International Studies

Semester Programs:

  • Spanish:  University of Cádiz, Spain
  • French:  University of Lille, France
  • Italian:  University of Urbino, Italy

Summer Programs:

French: 6-week Summer program in Université de Lille and Paris, France
Italian: 6-week Summer program in Urbino, Italy and Florence, Italy
Spanish: 6-week Summer program in University of Cádiz, Spain

Spanish Internship with Law School

The Spanish Division also offers qualified undergraduate students the opportunity to integrate their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture with practical experience in the Philadelphia Hispanic Community, working closely with Villanova law students. Please contact Dr. Julio Villa-García, director of the Spanish Internship program.

French Service Learning Internship with the College of Engineering

In conjunction with the Villanova - CRS Partnership, this program provides students with essential skills in translating technical information related to water supply, sanitation, and environmental heath issues in Haiti. Students contribute to developing a certification program for Haitian NGOs involved in water resources management projects, against the backdrop of the historical and cultural context of current redevelopment efforts in Haiti. For more information please contact Dr. Seth Whidden, director of the French Service Learning Internship program.