Portuguese Studies

Portuguese Studies

The Value of Knowing Portuguese

Portuguese ranks 5th in languages spoken in the world. There are over 230 million speakers of Portuguese. In the United States, there are vibrant Portuguese speaking populations located especially in Massachusetts, Newark, New Jersey, New York City, Rhode Island and California. In addition to Brazil and Portugal, there are African nations that maintain Portuguese as the official language. Portuguese is also spoken in Macau in Asia. Speaking Portuguese can open doors on four continents and will introduce you to many diverse cultures. Moreover, Portuguese is relatively easy for fluent Spanish speakers to learn and master—knowing both Spanish & Portuguese doubles your marketability where Latin America is concerned!

For careers in government, art, music, dance, engineering, architecture, environmental science, international business and marketing, knowing Portuguese offers you more avenues to explore.

"Portuguese the new language of business majors."

Congratulations to Marcos Aponte! After two years of Portuguese study at Villanova, this VSB (Villanova School of Business) graduating senior will begin a prestigious internship in São Paulo in Summer 2013 for Braskem, a major Brazilian petrochemical company with locations in the United States too. The internship will prepare Mr. Aponte for possible work in either the São Paulo or Philadelphia branch of the company.

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