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Language Tutoring

For additional help to prepare for class, we ask students to work with their professor during office hours first; doing so almost always resolves students' questions. After extensive work outside of class, and once a student and his/her professor agree that the need for additional help is greater than what can be managed during office hours, the student should contact Ms. Anne/Marie Joyce, SAC 303  who will, in conjunction with the chair of the Department of Romance Languages, find suitable tutoring opportunities.

Tutoring in French/Francophone and Italian Studies

To sign up for Italian tutoring sessions, click here!

Please contact Ms. Anne-Marie Joyce to find suitable tutoring for special needs.

Tutoring in Spanish  TBA

* key_abbreviations.doc
Download the key of abbreviations the tutors will be using to help writing compositions.

For additional information, please contact cristina.percoco@villanova.edu