Core Curriculum Language Requirement FAQ

What is the difference between the placement exam and the proficiency exam?
The placement exam is an online exam available for French, Italian, and Spanish, which places students in the correct level of a language.  The proficiency exam is a comprehensive examination given by and at Villanova on certain dates in the summer Satisfactory performance on the proficiency exam (grade C or better) will satisfy the core curriculum language requirement.

Does Latin require a placement test?
No, it requires a placement questionnaire.

Does Latin offer a proficiency exam?
Yes, Latin offers an exam at the Intermediate level

When are the Proficiency Exams given?
They are given on July 10 and August 21.

At what time are they offered?
They are offered at 10 am July 10 and 2:00 pm. August 21.
The French placement exam will be offered only August 21.

French will be in Bartley 1001 at 2:00PM.

Where will these exams take place?
July 10— Bartley 3041
August 21— Bartley 1001
French will be offered August 21 only in Bartley 1001 at 2:00PM.

How long is the exam?
The exam is approximately 2 hours long and it includes an oral component.

What does the proficiency exam test?
The proficiency exam for French, Italian, and Spanish tests the language proficiency of the students at the  Intermediate level.

How can a student prepare for the exam?
They can go over their textbooks of Intermediate I and II in French, Italian, and Spanish.

Which languages are taught at Villanova that do NOT fulfill the core curriculum language requirement?
American Sign Language.

Whom do we notify once we have chosen an option?
Notification is automatic.  You either take the placement test to be placed in a language, or you register to take the comprehensive examination.  Information on AP is provided in the Freshmen booklet.

Are there any repercussions if we fail the comprehensive examination?
No, we will use the results to place the students in the proper language level.

Do SAT II test scores count?
They count to place students only.  Please submit the scores to the Registrar  and you will be placed accordingly.

What about AP scores?
AP scores of 4 or higher satisfy also the language requirement.  It  can also serve to place students in upper level courses towards their minor or major.

How many courses does a student need to obtain a Minor in a language?
For French, Italian and Spanish, four courses after the Intermediate level.

How many courses for a Major?
Ten courses above the Intermediate level.

Can a student double major in a language and another discipline, such as Political Science?
Yes, and in some cases, such as in Education and French, Italian or Spanish, there is no need to take extra courses to obtain a double major.