Hispanic Studies Graduate Student Profiles

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Hispanic Studies Graduates

Lester Boj  (currently on leave)

Education: BA in Creative Writing and Spanish from Rider University.

Experience: My work has included teaching languages at various levels, freelance writing, and clinical translation.

Area of interest: Latin-American literature.


Francisco Delmiro-Suarez

Education: BA in English Philology, Universidad de Oviedo.

Experience: I have followed courses on Shakespeare and Fiction into Film at SUNY New Paltz, NY.

Interests: Shakespeare, Historical Linguistics, Applied Linguistics and Postcolonial and Cultural Studies, Translation and the Videogame Industry.


Alba Fano Trabanco

Education: BA in English Philology at the University of Oviedo.

Experience: Au-pair in the British Isles. As part of my undergrad studies, I also spent one year studying abroad at the University of Kent.

Interests: Postcolonial and Cultural Studies, Travel Literature, Applied Linguistics, Language Teaching and Creative Writing.


Rachel Finkelstein

Education: BA in Spanish with a minor in Psychology at Union College in Schenectady, New York.

Experience: I have always had an immense passion for language and culture and have been fortunate enough to travel to numerous places around the world to explore my deep fascination. From educating Honduran children in the mountains of Copán Ruinas, to working with the organization, One Laptop Per Child, in La Rioja, Argentina, to fostering former child laborers with teachings in English in Siem Reap, Cambodia, my worldly interests continue to intensify.

                                          Interests: Spanish language, culture, and literature.


Paola Andrea Gower  (currently on leave)

Education: BA in Modern Languages from the University of Cauca in Colombia.

Interests: Literature, politics, pedagogy and drama, magic realism, French literature.



Timothy Knight

Education: BA in Spanish and International Affairs, Muskingum University in 2011.

Experience: I studied in Argentina and Spain during my undergraduate career and after graduation I moved back to Spain and have spent the past two years teaching English at the Universidad de Castilla-la Mancha in various capacities.

Interests: Latin American literature, Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures.


Elizabeth Leedy Krick

Education: Spanish and International Relations at Colgate University, Masters in Teaching from the University of North Carolina.

Interest: Spanish as a second language.


Desiree Maure

Education: B.A. in Spanish and a k-12 teaching certificate from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. 

Experience: Desiree also studied in Cuzco, Peru and lived in Mendoza, Argentina.

Interests: 20th century Latin American literature and history, feminist thought and gender studies and the relationship between human rights, sustainable economic development and political stability in Latin America.

Rosemary Moroney

Interests: Early Modern Spain (with a particular emphasis on books and reading in early modern culture) Medieval studies. 


Felipe Muñoz

Education: BA in Journalism and Communications and an MA in Political Journalism, Universidad Andres Bello, Chile.

Experience: In 2010, while living in Cajamarca, Peru, I worked as a journalist in the local newspaper, and as a counselor and volunteer with a non-profit that worked to improve educational, social, and nutritional conditions of youth from disadvantaged areas. 

Interests: Race, gender, and economic justice.


Ana Puchau de Lecea        

Education: MA in Spanish literature, Universitat de Barcelona and graduated in Spanish Language and Literature from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Experience: My most important experience teaching Spanish was a Teaching Assistantship at Oberlin College.

Interests: Literature, Linguistics, Psychology, and Performing Arts.