BA-MA Program

Qualified Spanish majors, interested in obtaining an MA inconjunction with their BA degree, may apply in the beginning of the second semester of their Junior Year (normally January).

To be eligible, these students must have:

  • a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • a GPA in the major of at least 3.5 (including at least 15 SPA credits above the intermediate level by the end of the Junior year)

Application Process

Interested students who meet the above requirements must submit to Dr. Adriano Duque, director of Hispanic Graduate Studies the following documentation:

* Application form.pdf
Application form
  • a personal statement about the student's career objectives and reasons for seeking admission to the combined degree program (max 2 pages).
  • an academic writing sample (8-10 pages) in Spanish
  • three academic letters of recommendation

   The GRE exam will be waived.


Students accepted into the BA/MA program

  • take a total of three Spanish (SPA) graduate courses during their senior year, which are “double-counted” for both degrees,
  • take their remaining seven graduate courses during the fall and spring terms of their fifth year. Courses may also be taken in the Summer if needed.
  • Only 3 graduate courses taken as undergraduate will count for the graduate degree, if more graduate courses are taken they will only count for the undergraduate degree.
  • Students must retain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 throughout their fourth and fifth years to remain in good standing.

Additional curricular issues include the following:

  • All Core Curriculum requirements are maintained, including core humanities, ethics, foreign language, fine arts, natural sciences, history, literature, philosophy, theology, social science, math, and the core distribution requirements (diversity, integrative sequence, and writing requirements).
  • Courses taken in other departments do not qualify for this degree.
  • All students admitted into the program will be awarded a BA degree in the same four years as all other undergraduates and march with their graduating class, provided they have completed a minimum of thirty one(31) undergraduate courses by the beginning of the fall semester of their senior year.

Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition

  • 3 graduate courses that “double-count” taken in the senior year: standard undergraduate tuition

  • 5 graduate courses: graduate tuition rate

  • 2 graduate courses: tuition is waved for the last 2 graduate courses

Course Distribution

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for Prospective Students:
Special tuition-reduction for Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Administrators.
For on-line application for admission click here.

Current students:
For information regarding comprehensive examinations on the policies of the Office of Graduate Studies click here, and regarding graduation click here.

What our graduates say about the Program:

"I was particularly pleased with the courses in cultural studies and postcolonialism and with the opportunity to learn about postmodernity in Spain and Latin America."        -Sue Davis, Prof. Emerita of Political Science, University of Delaware '10

"The graduate program in Hispanic Studies at Villanova is an excellent academic experience. The program maintains a fine balance between reading primary materials, learning the work of contemporary and past scholars, and developing original ideas through writing and research. It is also a community; each of the professors takes a very personalized approach to their classes and students know their professors on a personal level."     -Brian Yates '07

Admission Criteria

For admission to the Pre-M.A. certificate: B.A. in Spanish, Latin American Studies, or related program, or the post-M.A. certificate: A Master's degree in Spanish, Latin American Studies, Romance linguistics, or related program, follow these steps:

Apply on-line: click here

Contact Dr. Silvia Nagy-Zekmi,Director of the Graduate Program in Hispanic Studies, to discuss your unique situation, qualifications and goals. Phone: 610-519-7478.

For more information about admission, visit the Graduate Arts and Sciences website.