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Background Information

After 11 years spent in Rennes, the FFS program’s summer program has just moved to Lille so as to take advantage of Villanova’s strong ties with the Université Catholique de Lille. The summer program usually enrolls up to 25 students who receive credit in French at all levels. Situated on the Belgian border, Lille is a city of approximately 220,000 people in the fourth largest metropolitan area in France, with 36% of its population below 25 years old. With its numerous cultural activities, low cost of living, large weekly open-air markets, and a highly effective public transportation system, Lille regularly ranks as one of the most desirable cities in which to live and work in France. It is just one hour north of Paris by TGV, 30 minutes from Brussels, and 2 hours from London by Eurostar.

2014 Dates: May 30th - July 14th


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Academic Program

This 6-week program is designed for students who wish to increase their proficiency in French at the Université Catholique de Lille and to be immersed in French culture. Though a minimum of 2 semesters college-level French or equivalent is recommended, introductory courses are offered.

Housing and Meals

While in Lille, students will live with host families, with easy access to the university campus via public transportation. The university has a metro stop (Cormontaigne) and a bus stop (Colbert) right on campus and is just a ten-minute walk from the center of Lille, which offers everything from fast food to fine dining. In addition to breakfast and dinner with their host families, students can take well-balanced meals at the restaurant universitaire, or Resto-U, on campus. There are also numerous boulangeries and sandwich places on campus.

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Students will participate in the excursions organized through the ESP, including day trips to Bruges, to Brussels, and to World War I battlefields near Arras. There will also be additional excursions to many museums such as the Musée des Beaux Arts in Lille, the Louvre extension in Lens, the Roubaix Museum of Art and Industry. The program will end with a three-day stay in Paris during Bastille Day weekend. Most host families will make it their mission to take students to other exciting places along the coasts of the Channel and of the North Sea.

Course Offerings

Students are required to take two three-credit courses for a total of six VU credits. These courses should follow the sequence of French courses offered at Villanova.

Students are not allowed to repeat courses which they have already taken at Villanova University. Special attention should be made when choosing courses. Please speak with the FPC if any questions arise regarding course selection.

VSB International Business co-majors may use FRE 1121 or FRE 1122 towards the IB-language requirement; if they have completed 1131 before departure, students can take 1134, which is specifically geared towards Business students.

REMINDER: Courses above the 1122 level count toward a minor or major in French at Villanova.

FRE 1121 - Intermediate French I

Designed for students who already have a basic knowledge of the language (one year of college French) and wish to improve all four language skills. Students should have completed FRE 1111 and 1112 or the equivalent.

FRE 1122 - Intermediate French II

Continuation of FRE 1122: Review of grammar, composition, reading and conversation. Students should have completed FRE 1121 or the equivalent.

FRE 1131 - French Conversation/Composition I

Regular practice in conversation and composition with review of grammar and continuing work on language skills in French. Students should have completed FRE 1122 or the equivalent.  

FRE 1132 - French Conversation/Composition II

Regular practice in conversation and composition with review of grammar and continuing work on language skills in French.  Students should have completed FRE 1131 or the equivalent.

FRE 1134: Business French

An introduction to French business terminology and discourse related to economics, finance, and management. Students should have completed FRE 1131 or the equivalent.

FRE 2143: Contemporary France

Focuses on regional identities and other aspects from current French headlines.

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The total cost for the program is TBA. It includes:

•   Excursions in France and Belgium

•   Lodging and breakfast in Paris

•   Tuition for the courses (6 credits)

•   Room and board in Lille

**It does not include the airfare**

NOTICE: Villanova University reserves the right to modify or
cancel the program if circumstances warrant.

For more details contact:

Faculty Program Coordinator

Pr. François Massonnat
Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
College of Arts & Sciences
St. Augustine Center 338
(610) 519-6955

Application forms can be found at the top of this page or on the Office of International Studies Summer Program webpage.