What is public administration?

Public Administration is the organization and management of people and materials to achieve public purposes.

Today’s professional public service offers many opportunities to work in government at all levels, nonprofit organizations and NGOs, higher education, and even in the private sector.  The Department of Public Administration will help navigate this evolving landscape through an emphasis on the roles, skills, and practices needed to pursue the common good.

Creative Leadership: Visionary leaders with a strong ethical compass stand out; we foster creative leadership through an emphasis on value-based decision-making.

Professional Skills: Public service leaders must develop the tools of finance, human resources, communication, and planning. We focus on helping students develop these professional skills that are in high demand.

Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Application: Courses emphasize theory and practice. Students are introduced to essential philosophies about management and leadership, and then apply this knowledge to real-life situations.


"Administration was an integral part of civilization whenever and wherever civilization developed and without the foundation and framework it supplied, civilization would not have developed." 

- Dwight Waldo

A distinguishing feature of the Department of Public Administration is our focus on ethics, values, and spirituality in public service.

This sits squarely with the greater mission of the University to “commit to the common good, and apply the knowledge and skills of our students and faculty to better the human condition.”