Career Statistics

Over the years, graduates of our undergraduate program have been very successful in acquiring positions in graduate school programs and/or positions of employment. Recent surveys of psychology alumni and alumnae and graduating seniors have shown that many graduates of our program continue their education at the graduate level.

  • Approximately 70% of our alumni and alumnae have pursued or were pursuing graduate training in psychology, education, business administration, physical therapy, human resources, medicine, and law, among many others.
  • The other 30% have pursued or were pursuing careers following their graduation from Villanova, including careers in psychology-related positions (e.g., hospital specialist, residential counselor, senior behavior specialist, treatment director), business (e.g., accounts management, banking, restaurant management, personnel recruitment, personnel management, operations management, sales, marketing research, liability underwriting), education (elementary school teacher, secondary school teacher, director of youth programs), the Armed Services (Marine Corps, Navy), computer programming, and publishing (editor, production editor).
  • Approximately 44% of our alumni and alumnae indicated that they were in careers that were "psychology-related."