Thesis Proposal Schedule

Students in the M.S. program formally propose their thesis projects at a meeting arranged for that purpose. Faculty and graduate students attend these thesis proposal meetings. Undergraduate students and other members of the academic community are also cordially invited to attend. The proposal meetings are typically arranged 1-2 weeks in advance. Specific information about each of them will be posted here as it becomes available.

The titles of Thesis Proposals from earlier semesters are available in our Thesis Proposal Archive.

Spring 2016 Proposals

Date Time/Location Name Thesis Proposal Title
1/12 1PM/216 Tol
Heather-Anne Phelan Effects of Multi-Day Practice Schedules on Learning and Memory
1/28 2PM/216 Tol
Haley Rian Cobb
Attracted To Now:  Individual Differences that Relate to Interest in Mindfulness-Based Interventions in the Workplace
2/4 1:30PM
216 Tol
Olivia Pereira Can Semantic Associations Produce Contextual Cuing?
3/17 1PM/216 Tol
Ryan Iaconelli
Do Learners Appreciate the Benefits of Testing?
3/22 1PM/216 Tol
Stephanie M. Vicari Overcoming the Illusory Truth Effect:  The Influence of Contextual Details on Memory Monitoring
4/8 1PM/315 Tol
Liana Galtieri Maturity in Adulthood: Age Trends in Narrative-based Social Cognition and Object Relations Scores
4/11 11AM/214 Tol
Tiffany C. Kichline Parent Appraisals, Postraumatic Stress Symptoms, and Coaching of Avoidant Coping Behavior After a Pediatric Injury
4/20 10AM/305 Tol David Saltzman The Role of the Speech Envelope in Speaking Rate Compensation
4/21 1PM/216 Tol Emma Folk
Parallel vs. Serial Processing in Language Comprehension