Colloquium Information

Dr. Diego Fernandez-Duque
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Villanova University

Friday, September 26, 2014
3:00 PM
Tol 215
Reception to Follow

"Lay Theories of Mind, Brain and Morality"

What are some of the common-sense beliefs that people hold about the mind, brain, and morality?  To address this question, I will describe three lines of research from my lab.
1.       False Consensus in Moral Judgments. We found that the tendency to think others agree with us becomes largest for strongly held moral beliefs. I will discuss this in relation to moral realism (i.e., the view that morality is a set of objective facts).
2.       The Allure of Neuroscience. We found that explanations of psychological phenomena become more appealing when accompanied by irrelevant neuroscience information. I will discuss possible reasons why.
3.       The Self is Brain-Made. We found that people think of their 'true' self as brain-based and unchangeable through willful control. I will discuss this in relation to determinism and moral responsibility.


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