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  • Colloquium Announcement -
    -Dr. Jennifer Pals Lilgendahl, Associate Professor, Haverford College - Friday, 2/6/15, 4PM, 215 Tolentine - "So Now I Wonder, What Am I?" - Identity Changes, Narrative Processes, and Growth
    -Dr. Art Kramer, Director of Beckman Institute, University of Illinois - Friday, 2/20/15, 3:30PM, 215 Tolentine - "Walking Towards a Healthier Brain and Mind"
    -Dr. Aidan Wright, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh - Friday, 4/10/15, 3PM, 215 Tolentine - “Challenges Facing an Empirically Supported Personality Disorder Model: Integrating Structure and Dynamic Processes
    - Dr. Navin Viswanathan, Assistant Professor, State University of New York - New Paltz - Friday, 4/17/15, 3:30PM, 215 Tolentine - Speech perception despite signal variability:  An unsolved puzzle
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